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It was the first funeral planned by my husband and myself. We were very impressed with your funeral home and all your staff, as were many of my friends in attendance. My husband and I wish to thank you all for making this difficult time and event pass as smoothly as possible. I felt my father’s funeral was gracious, warm, personal and went extremely smoothly as orchestrated by the staff. This enabled us to focus on our grief, our friends and fulfilling my father’s requests. Thank you all.  - J.B. & M.B         

My family and myself express our total appreciation and efficiency in the manner in which you officiated. Thank you for planting a tree in my husband’s memory.  - J.D.A .t 

Service was excellent as expected. The personal guidance through both funeral and burial services was exceptional. 

Everything went to our greatest satisfaction. Thank you for respecting our wishes and our pain in such a hard period of our life. - H.L.                                                           

Exemplary service at all times. It was a great comfort. I never understood the difference a good funeral service could mean until this recent experience. Many thanks. - L.R.      

Your staff was outstanding; they were a critical part of the memorial which was just as we wanted. Thank you for your attention to detail and for your flexibility for allowing for a memorial as unique and vibrant as the person it was honouring.  -  J.S.      

You are an extremely professional and compassionate organization, which really helped us get through this difficult period. That, coupled with my mother's foresight in pre-planning her funeral, has really got me thinking and opened my eyes to see how simple things can be when your prepare in advamce. It's food for thought. Also, thank you so much for the tree planting memorial.

I am writting you this letter to let you know how very pleased I was with the funeral arrangements and that they were carried out in a most professional manner by all your staff. Everthing was excellent - The Pare Family 

I would like to say that I thought my mother looked beautiful. I was going to have a closed casket but whomever did her preparation was excellent. I was so pleased and the visitors thought she looked lovely.

Once again everything was just perfect and I was extremely pleased. As always, Hulse, Playfair & McGarry can be counted on to do things in a professional and dignified manner. - J.J.W.                                                                                                 

I cannot imagine a nicer facility, with a more sensitive and helpful staff who were committed to making this the funeral service we wanted.  - C.M. 

Your excellent staff made a huge difference in my life at this difficult time. Thank you so much - B.L.                          

The staff was professional, courteous and very kind. A horrible situation was turned into a very respectful situation. Thank you.   - P.D.                                                

Your assistance at all times was provided in a professional manner. All staff were understanding and respectful. All our requests were fulfilled and our needs met in every way. Thank you.  - J.S.                                                                                          

We were very pleased by the excellent services we received at a very confusing time. Everything went very smoothly, we didn’t have to worry about anything. Thank you all.  - A.S.                                                                                                                  

Your family was very pleased with the service you provided. The entire experience was handled professionally and with dignity.   - D.F.

Everything was handled with sympathy, understanding, and respect and in a very professional manner.  - T.M.                                                                                      

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